Where To Find Tasks

Task Inbox (Located in the top navigation bar beside the settings cog)

The task inbox will display the amount of task for your user.

Clicking on the inbox will display the task list 

  • Create New Task - Use the 'Plus' symbol to create a new task
  • View Tasks for Other Users - Use drop down to select other users.
  • Include Completed Tasks
  • Include Future Tasks - A future task is defined as anything
    after the end of the current day.
    Ticking this option will then reveal Tasks after day end.
  • Task List - A list of all tasks - Priority tasks appear at the top.
  • Edit Task - When you click on the task it opens up and you are able to edit it.

  • Task Notification – TM3 will notify a user when a task
     is due to occur within 15 mins or if it is overdue.
     This will happen every 15 minutes or on initial login.
     The notification will appear in the Top Right of the screen
  • Complete  To complete the task it is just a matter of pressing the
     tick symbol or click on the task will open the task itself.
     You can then adjust the status as needed.