Video Appointments Email Reminder Template

If you have automatic Email reminders enabled, you will need to add the link to your reminder template. You can do this by going to Settings > Documents > Appointments > Appointment reminder email template. Press view on this to bring up the template. There are two new fields under the Appointment section on the right, they are 'Video Code' and 'Video Link'.

  • The 'Video Code' contains the code that the patient will need to use to connect to your video consultation.
  • The 'Video Link' will contain the text you add to the Communication section (see highlighted area in picture below) and the link to connect to the consultation. 
  • Simply double click on both fields to add them to the template.
  • You can change the text that appears on the email in this section: 

  • When you get the fields add to the template and book an online appointment the patient should receive a reminder email with the link to the consultation, it will look like this: