Update: TM3 Web - Feature Enhancements- 28/02/2017

At Blue Zinc we have been working hard to ensure that TM3 remains the leading practice management system, helping you to run your clinic more efficiently than ever. Our latest release is now available which you will receive the next time you log in. This document includes feature enhancements for the clinical module.  

If you have any problems, remember our support team are on hand to answer your queries.  You can call the TM3 support team on 0333 3442 800 or email support@blue-zinc.com  

Many of the features of this release of TM3 relate to the new TM3 Clinical Notes. For more information please contact our sales team on 0333 3442 600 or alternatively you can book a demo online by going to: www.tm3practicemanagement.com/book-a-demo/

Side Panel
New side navigation panel which can be expanded and collapsed. You can also access the new clinical area from this panel. 

Before                    Clinical Release


Home Dashboard
All new designed home dashboard with a collapsible header for ‘Cases Require Attention’ specific to each practitioner. This feature can be activated within the Clinical Settings area. Enable/Disable: Settings > Clinical > Case Settings >Show Cases with incomplete notes on home screen.


Improved search functionality


Before                        Clinical Release



Account Locking

You can now set your Account Locking date through the web application. To do this, navigate to the Finance section. Click the ‘Accounting Lock’ button beside the ‘Accounts Export’ button.


Documents settings

The ‘Templates’ section has been renamed to ‘Documents’. From here you will access templates relating to patients, finances, appointments etc. Please be aware clinical templates are not found in the ‘Documents’ section.




Clinical Release


Clinical settings

The new Clinical Settings area will allow you to configure the clinical area to suit your needs.

Patient Record

Clinical Cases Tile    
This will give you an overview of the patients cases and allow you to access them from their patient record. You can also quickly add a new case by clicking ‘Add New’ and link an appointment if necessary later.


Previous Medical History Tab
This can be found at the right hand side below the ‘Logs & Notes’ tab in the patient record. This will follow the patient around and can also be edited within their case. This template can be edited within the Clinical Settings area.

New Clinical Statuses

These will let you know what stage your patient is at in their journey.


Awaiting First Appointment - Open case with no initial appointment.

On Hold - Case is on hold, for example, if you are awaiting a valid treatment authorisation.

In Treatment - Patient journey is on its way.

Incomplete - Appointment linked to the case with no consultation, or there is a consultation not locked, or the case has been discharged and the case is not locked.

Discharged - Case has been discharged + Date of discharge.        

Legacy Case - A case that has been created in the Desktop version and has not been converted.

Converted Case - A case that has been converted from Desktop to Web.

Locked Case - Case is locked and can no longer be edited.

Clinical Reports
There are now 3 new reports that can be accessed within the reports section.