Update: Bug Fixes and Features - 3.0

At Blue Zinc we have been working hard to ensure that TM3 remains the leading practice management system, helping you to run your clinic more efficiently than ever. Our latest release is now available which you will receive the next time you login. This document details all featured enhancements and known issues fixed in the March TM3 update.  

If you have any problems, remember our support team are on hand to answer your queries.  You can call our support team on 033 33 44 2800, email us at support@blue-zinc.com or get in contact through our LiveChat Service.  

Feature Enhancements


We have made some major improvements that you will certainly notice when you start to use the diary in our new update.
Gone are the pop up dialogs that were used to booking appointments and events and in their placed we have introduced a new Sidebar that should all the relevant information to the task you are preforming in easy to read sections. If you are working on smaller screens such as tablets this makes the process of booking appointments so much easier


You will still be able to choose stock items, existing cases, Authorisation codes, etc as you have done before but now they are neatly contained within this new side bar in their own sections

The Diary has also been split up in to tabs to allow easy navigation between the Practitioner Diary, Room View, Class View and Waiting list. Please note, the number of taps displayed are dependent on your TM3 License

Waiting List:

Waiting lists has been a requested feature for TM3 and with the introduction of Classes this is the perfect fit for this new functionality

Patients on the list will be sent an SMS/email when an appropriate slot is available, they can then choose to accept or decline the offer.

Group invoice:

Previous when adding an existing charge to a Group invoice it would only show you the charge details and not the patient that it related to

We have added a new column to this grid to allow you to identify the Patient to make the manual addition of charges to Group invoices easier


We have introduced in this new release of TM3 the ability to send Digital forms to patients, these Forms will be 1 of 3 Categories

Registration forms, these can be set up to send out to Patients at the time of registration, this form can also be set up to sent automatically as well once the patient record has been created

Clinical Forms, these can be use for thing like self assessment and will attached to the Case they have been sent from. A automatic form can also be set up to send when discharging a Case

Surveys, the final category can be used to create customer satisfaction surveys that can be sent out to Patients. You can also use Surveys to create many kind of different forms.

Creating a from is similar to creating Clinical templates and uses the same fields and elements

You can find Forms in its own section with Settings


We have brought the Classes module into TM3 Web, allowing Clinics to offer a range of new services to their Clients, including Pay-as-you-go Classes, Courses & Packages.

These items are managed within Settings and can be readily accessed via the Diary. 

Packages can be setup to include any combination of PAYG Classes, Courses, Consultancy stock items or Physical Stock items. If a Client has purchased a Package,  all items within the Package are added to their Client record as a Pre-Paid item.

Subscriptions have also been added to TM3 Web, allowing Clients to subscribe to any correctly setup Package.

Stripe Integration:

We have also integrated Card payments into TM3 Web, allowing Clients to add their card details to TM3 enabling quick & easy payment.

If the Patient has no card details associated they will be sent an SMS/email requesting payment. The patient can then pay using a card as a one off or save the card  which can be used for future appointments/charges. If the Patient does have a card associated the system will attempt to take payment from this card

Card payments and details are managed by Stripe.

TM3 Connect

Inline with the introduction of Classes to TM3 Web, we are proud to announce a new Online service for Client booking; TM3 Connect

Each Clinic shall be able to personalize & manage their own Connect site which can be accessed by New and Existing Clients 

You can set up and Customise your Connect from within TM3 Settings

Google Tags integration:

Analyse and measure the success of your marketing efforts with Google Tag Manager integration on TM3 Connect. Market your Connect pages via Google Ads, Bing and Social Media campaigns and track visitor activities and conversions through your Google Tag Manager account with our new GTM Integration.

If you are interested in seeing more of Connect or upgrading your TM3 Package please contact your account manager on 033 33 442 600 or email at enquiries@tm3pm.com

Known Issues now resolved

TM3 Area



Cases requiring attention can only display 18


Group Notification Settings not saving


Canceling/DNAing an appointment does not update Authorisation count until diary is refreshed

Diary Updating a Group name does not show in Diary until a manual refresh
Diary Print out of diary loses the appointment colours
Diary Issue with Column width and compressed View
Finance Error when trying to access the `More` button within a Refund record
Finance Issue adding a payment greater that 999 in value


Issue caused by being able to Lock a consultation before the Contents have loaded
Clinical Issue with using the Time Picker element
Clinical Unable to delete a Clinical Note
Documents and Templates Email template has issues with () or [] within the Subject line