Update: Bug Fixes and Features - 2.7.13

At BlueZinc we have been working hard to ensure that TM3 remains the leading practice management system, helping you to run your clinic more efficiently than ever. Our latest release is now available which you will receive the next time you login. This document details all featured enhancements and known issues fixed in the October TM3 update.  

If you have any problems, remember our support team are on hand to answer your queries.  You can call our support team on 033 33 44 2800, email us at support@blue-zinc.com or get in contact through our LiveChat Service. 

Feature Enhancements

​​Income Received at Location

At times Clinics may take a payment for a patients appointment at a location other than the location the appointment was for. As such you will want to record that this payment was taken at a different location.

We have now added this functionality to TM3, When completing an appointment there is a new option to allow the selection of the Received At Location

This Location can also be modified from within the Payment Record

​​Clinical Printing - Patient name and DoB on every page

We have modified the Printing of the Clinical Case Notes so that at the top of each page will appear the Patients Name and Date of Birth.

Knowledgebase Links

Previously in TM3 if you where looking at a Report there was a ? symbol that if clicked would take you to a Knowledgebase article all about the reporting features of TM3. We have now added these Knowledgebase links to the other sections to TM3 as well.

Simply click the ? and you will be take to the Knowledgebase articles for that particular section.

Known Issues now resolved

TM3 Area



Sending Email from Appointment reverts the Diary to Single Practitioner View


Appointments Auth Code Countdown not updating correctly after Cancelling/DNAing a Group Appointment

Diary Selecting appointment slot on October 28th brings back a slot 1 hour out
Diary Adding Notes to a booked appointment removes sent reminder icons
Diary Event Description not saving
Reports Dynamic Date range on a saved Custom report does not update