Update: Bug Fixes and Features - 16/06/2016



At BlueZinc we have been working hard to ensure that TM3 remains the leading practice management system, helping you to run your clinic more efficiently than ever. Our latest release is now available which you will receive the next time you login. This document details all featured enhancements and known issues fixed in the April 2016 update.   


If you have any problems, remember our support team are on hand to answer your queries.  You can call our support team on 033 33 44 2800 or email us support@blue-zinc.com  

Feature Enhancements

  1. Do Next Screen

On completion or cancelation of an appointment you may wish to ensure all tasks associated with the patient are completed..


If this patient hasn't been discharged, you might want to:

  • Book a follow up appointment

  • Create a task for someone to contact the patient to book the next appointment at a later date

If the patient has been discharged, you might want to:

  • Create a review task or date for the practitioner

  • Create a discharge letter

Enable/Disable this option:

Settings > Diary > General > Show 'What do you want to do next?' after Quick Bill

  1. Email a copy of an invoice and/or receipt on appointment completion

On completion of a self pay (private patient) appointment you will now have two options on the Quick Bill screen:

  • Email Invoice*

  • Email Receipt*

*These options will only show providing the patient has an email address


Once one or both options are ticked and the payment option is submitted an email will be sent to patient.

Setup: For both options you will need to customise the invoice and receipt email. This is done via Settings > Diary > Communications - Finance Templates

  • Email Receipt Template

  • Email Invoice Template

If you require assistance in setting these templates up please contact the support team.

  1. Text Preferences

TM3 lets you configure where your text notifications come from, and where replies go to.

These configuration settings can be found at Settings > Diary > Communication - Text Preferences:

  1. Location Specific email / text reminders

Email and text reminders can be customised on a per location basis. This can be done via the location record.

Note: You will need to create a new template for each location. This can be down in Settings > Templates > Appointments > Add new template or copy and customise an existing template. If you require assistance in setting these templates up please contact the support team.

  1. Force Password Change after X months

This option will force users to change their password after X months. The option is specified in Settings > Configuration - Password Expiry

  1. Lookup Filtering and Live Adding.

On patient creation you will be able to type to filter in drop down fields such as title, occupation , enquiry source etc.

Lookup filtering can also be found on:

  • Practitioner > Location > Add Location > Add First/Follow Up/dna/cancellation

  • Practitioner > Location > Edit > Change stock (First/follow and any additional stock dna or cancellation)

  • Group > Location > Add location > Add First/Follow Up/dna/cancellation

  • Group > Location > Edit > Change stock (First/follow and any additional stock dna or cancellation)

  • Diary > Create appointment > Appointment dialog > Charge drop down

  • Diary > Edit > Appointment dialog > Charge drop down

As well as filtering on these fields you will be able to add in custom text for that record.

Note: This will be a unique value/text for that record. If you wish to use that text for more than record you must add it to custom lists (Settings > Configuration > Custom Lists)

  1. Auto Logout - Quick Sign In

When you have been auto logged out from TM3 you will be able to log back in quickly just by entering in your password..

One you have signed back in you will be able to continue your session with TM3


Settings: Auto Logout timings are controlled by the setting Auto Logout found in Settings > Configuration

  1. Printing Appointment Details

Appointment details can now be printed from the Patient record.

  • Patient > Actions > Print - “Patient Appointments

‚ÄčOr from the Appointment itself.

  • Appointment > Communication > Print - “Patient Appointments
  1. Event Appointment Recurrence

For new appointment Events (Meetings, Holidays, Other) you can now add a recurrence option.

Note: Recurrence options are only available on newly created events. Existing Events will be treated as a single event.

  1. Age to appear on patient creation

When creating a patient or editing an existing patient record the Patient will appear beside the Date of birth

  1. Creating Tasks for DNA’s & Cancellations

A task will automatically be created when a patient does not attend or cancels an appointment.

Settings: This setting is controlled by TM3 desktop (TM3 Options > Advanced Settings > Diary > Auto Create Tasks

  1. File Size

Document History and Templates now include a file size.

  1. SMS template creation

You can now create SMS templates within Settings > Templates.

  1. Authorisation Expiry Date on appointment creation

When adding a treatment authorisation from an appointment there is now an option to add an expiry date.

Known Issues now resolved

Issue Number

TM3 Area





Left click and right click on the appointment tile should open the Appointment dialog

Amended in Web Application



Spacing issues between side by side appointments

Amended in Web Application



In TM2 you can change the colours of appointments, and other diary events on the fly - this would be useful in TM3

Amended in Web Application



Google translate Attempting to translate names

Amended in Web Application



Patient not appearing when searched, client was not aware of only the top 5 only appearing and said this was not obvious. Client expressed concern as this could result in duplicate patients being created.

Amended in Web Application



Go to Diary week view - Select appointment action the appointment (eg arrive)


Select the practitioner drop down and change to different practitioner

Start day changes from monday to weds

Amended in Web Application



I book an appt with the stock item 'Test colour 1 pink' and complete it.

I then rebook that appointment and change the stock item to 'test colour 2turq.'

I refresh the diary and the stock item description changes which is great but the colour does not change to turquoise.

Amended in Web Application



Need the ability to create a task from the patient details - Action button - with the patient linked to the task rather than create a  task and then manually link a patient

Amended in Web Application



If you remove all items from an invoice, it can no longer be accessed via the patient record. It does still show on the finances >> Invoices search.

Amended in Web Application



When adding a medical contact to a patient record the user must type in the GP's name. A lot of practices search by the practice name, and then select the GP. Can additional searches be added in here or an advanced search option

Amended in Web Application



'Search' on the group screen takes you back to the previous action, not back to the search screen. So if you have just been editing stock on the group location, it brings up that screen again...

Amended in Web Application



Contacts > Patient > Edit > Delete - Browser hanging

Amended in Web Application



Double click on a Payment in payment search does not open the payment

Amended in Web Application



Adding a payment to a group on the 19th April, when i click add it changes to 18th and when i refresh it goes back to the 19th

Amended in Web Application



Reported that when you transfer an excess fee to the patient the text says "the group" instead of "the patient".

Another issue it doesn't display the invoice reference on the description. Checked TM3 Options on the desktop interface and it is set to pull through #REF#

Amended in Web Application



When hovering over "Cash" "Cheque" "Card" "Invoice & Pay Later" "Do Not Bill" "Go To Invoice & Do More" or the check boxes for "Print Receipt" & "Print Invoice" a pop up off the patient's title appears.

Amended in Web Application



Even if the client is not VAT registered, VAT seems to be applied when physical stock items are sold - although it has the total price correct - the vat is calculated backwards from this

Amended in Web Application



In the desktop interface when you choose to credit part of the amount of an invoice, it is tied to a specific billing item, but you can manually override the amount of the credit In the web interface, you can only credit the full amount of the invoice, or if you chose to credit part of the invoice then you have to credit the full amount of that particular charge.

Amended in Web Application



You can edit part reconciled payments.  You can't edit the original number but can add numbers on to make it a greater payment.

Amended in Web Application



Many clinics don't have set cancellation or DNA fees, but bill the appointment fee - this option exists in the desktop, but not in the web interface

Amended in Web Application



When editing the options in this section the autosave will take the user's cursor to the right hand side of the text box.  Can be a hassle when editing the options.  

Amended in Web Application



Noticed a spelling mistake on the reports section 'Dairy' which should be Diary

Amended in Web Application



If a task is linked to a patient, it would be useful to see the patient names on the task in the taskbar, without clicking to get into the task itself

Amended in Web Application


Docs & Temps

Drop Zone needs to repositioned to the top of the document history

Amended in Web Application


Docs & Temps

Group Invoices not pulling through DOB, policy number or group reference on printed template.

Amended in Web Application with updated templates


Docs & Temps

Customised reminder and booking confirmation email templates do not retain colour once sent or received.

Amended in Web Application with updated templates


Docs & Temps

You cannot print a list of upcoming/past appointments. In

Amended in Web Application with updated templates


Docs & Temps

Logos not present in emails

Amended in Web Application with updated templates


Docs & Temps

No means to link an auth code to an invoice.  This is required for many insurance companies.

Amended in Web Application with updated templates