Update: Bug Fixes and Features - 08/04/2016

As of today we have updated the TM3 web interface to include the below list of bug fixes, additional features and cosmetic changes:

Bug Fixes

  • Reconciling Amount in 10s only

  • Accounts Export - Sales Export - wrong link to wrong CSV

  • Arriving Appointment adds asterisk to appointment tile (denoting first appointment of new case)

  • Previous Sent Emails can be edited - Now read-only

  • Patient > Preference Mobile Number - Breaks reminders

  • Auto Logout Option missing from TM3 Desktop

  • Creating a new Authorisation code will now only show cases that are not discharged

  • SMS Only Email Only Both Confirmation Option filtering wrong template

  • Transfer Excess to Patient missing the use existing payment option

  • Transferred and re-invoiced charge takes wrong invoice reference

  • Able to chose Authorisation  Codes for different patients

  • Diary > Other > Able to enter a character value greater than 254

  • Appointment Letter Templates not appearing on appointment communication

  • Location Multi Line Address in Email Templates Not Working

  • Images in Email Not Appearing

  • Adding Payment After Discount auto calculates full price

  • Tasks Sidebar 'Over Scrolling'

  • Day View - Multiple Practitioners - not saving view on logout

  • Appointment Booking - Can't see consultancy ref or price

  • Tasks Username doesn't change

  • Colon in Email Subject Prevents Saving

  • Address Labels don't change

  • Appointment template variable doesn't work

  • Ability to use merge fields in email templates

Features and Cosmetic Changes

  • Diary (Meetings/Holidays/Other) - Text over lap on appointment tile

  • Today button should appear next to or close to calendar/date

  • Diary has no breakdown of the times down the left

  • Too Easy to choose wrong template in template edit section

  • Patient Ref to appear on appointment Pop Up

  • Limited Formatting Options for Email Templates

  • Choosing Patient For Appointment - Additional Details Should be displayed