Update: Bug Fixes and Features - 08/03/2016

As of today we have updated the TM3 web interface to include the below list of bug fixes, and additional features.

Bug Fixes

  • Group Payment Issues - Payments allocated to groups with multiple payment is allocating to the lead patient and not the group account - this will now allocate to the group

  • Sorting is now on Business account columns

  • Can now sort group payments

  • Retrospectively completing an appointment now generates a billing item with the correct date

  • When creating Auth code there are now admission date/discharge dates on case

  • Session time were offset by 1 hour after the 28th March (Daylight Savings issue) - This should now be working correctly

  • Creating a new Auth code will now only show cases that are not discharged

  • Can now add existing billing items to an invoice when billing a group appointment

  • When moving in diary using calendar appointments weren't appearing - now fixed

  • Navigating 1 month ahead in week view and then day view, sessions and appointments weren't showing but should be now

  • Dragging an appointment is now moving it without the need to refresh the page

  • Now able to accept and reconcile simultaneously

  • Can now add Physical Stock via Billing Screen

  • Item Description now appears on Appointment Tile

Features and Cosmetic Changes

  • Diary - Added ability to send Manual SMS & Email reminders

  • Contact Search - [Add New] option

  • Patient record - Appointment Break Down

  • Patient Record - Patient Logs and Notes Overhaul

  • Patient Record - Added Alternative Address option

  • Patient Record - Log - Added Quick-picks for creation process

  • Settings - Added the ability to make all sessions available online by default