TM2 - TM3 Upgrade

Upgrade Process

In order to upgrade to TM3 you need to:

  • Download and Install Updates  

This is explained in your upgrade email.

If you wish to continue to use TM3 desktop you may need to delete and recreate your 'TM3' shortcut on the desktop.  You do this by following the instructions below:

  1.  Locate the 'TM3' icon on your desktop > right click > delete
  2.  Navigate to the this file path -  C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueZinc\TM2
  3.  Within here locate 'TM3.'
  4.  Right click on this icon > Send to > Desktop (create shortcut)

The correct TM3 desktop icon will now be on your desktop.

Accessing TM3

After installing updates you are able to access TM3 in 2 ways. 

  • Desktop Login - You will login to the TM3 Desktop interface using the same username you always have. This interface will essentially be the same as the TM2 that you have used previously
  • Web Login - You can now login using the email address set up against your username in TM3.  The image below shows that user 'Nicole' should log in to TM3 web using ''
    Please note:  Each user in TM3 must have a unique email address against their record.  Two records cannot use the same email address.

  • Your TM3 URL is provided in your upgrade email.
  • The below image shows the TM3 web login screen where you should enter the email address against your user record and your password which is the same as the password you use to login to TM3 Desktop.

TM3 Communication

The communication templates in TM3 web are different to the communication templates in TM3 desktop.

You can edit your TM3 Web templates by going to Settings > Documents.  Within here it shows the different areas in TM3 that you can set up templates for. 

On TM3 Web there are a lot of formatting options you can choose from.  For example, bold, italics, underlined, change font, change text size, align text, add images and many more.

A big difference to take note of is that the TM3 desktop templates use different merge fields to TM3 Web.  Therefore, it is very important that if you are copying TM3 desktop templates to TM3 web, you MUST update the merge fields otherwise the correct information will not pull through.  See this article for more information -

How to create/edit TM3 web templates

SMS templates -

Email templates -

Print out templates -

Letter templates -

How to use merge fields -

Scheduled reminders

You can find out how to configure your automatic reminders by reading this article -

As TM3 web templates are more customizable than desktop you may wish to send those rather than the desktop templates.  This article explains how to edit your reminder templates -

If you want to use the Web scheduled reminder templates over the desktop templates you need to let us know as we will need to make this change for you.

Please email to advise us to make the change.

TM3 Clinical notes

TM2 Touch note templates are different to TM3 Web clinical notes templates.  Therefore, to view a TM2 Touch template in TM3 Web you must convert the case to a 'Web case.'

A desktop case is referred to as a 'Legacy case.'  When you try to access a desktop case on web, the below message appears.

If you want to continue to use desktop please click 'No - I still want to use TM3 Desktop for this case.'  If you want to convert the case to web you should click 'Update case to a TM3 Web Case.'

Please note: Once the case is converted you are no longer able to open the case in TM3 Desktop.  

The below image shows what will appear when you try to access a web case from TM3 desktop.

All information is pulled over when you have converted the case but the template will look different.

How to use TM3 Web clinical notes

The following video explains how to use our TM3 clinical notes module: -

This video explains TM3 Web clinical notes settings area and how to create/edit clinical templates -