Templates Overview

TM3 Templates have no correlation to TM2 Desktop templates. They are unique to the system and are controlled from TM3 Only.

Templates are what you send out to your patients i.e. appointment reminders, invoice reminders, receipts. Templates are split up into 4 options; SMS, Email, Letter, and Print-Out.

Looking at the below image you are able to tell the difference by looking at the symbol beside the template;

An Email will have an envelope symbol, a Letter will have a page symbol, a Print out will have a Printer and an SMS will have a mobile.

When you first open up your documents it will look like the following;

Templates can be edited and created for the following sections:

  • Appointments
  • Business
  • Case
  • Contact
  • Invoice
  • Client
  • Payment
  • Practitioner

Each template area has its own unique versions of merge fields. These merge fields again will be different from the ones in TM2 Desktop. Some have been removed while others added. 

If you want to know how to create Email TemplatesPrint Out TemplatesSMS TemplatesLetter Template then please click one of the links.