Stock Record In Detail

There are three categories of stock items.

Physical Stock Item

Firstly, the physical stock item record which you can see in the image below.

There are two sections:

1. Basic Details

Reference - You can populate this with whatever you would like.  It can be used to allow you to be able to distinguish it from the other items.  It will come in handy when you need to search for an item.

Description - You type in the description of the physical stock item.

Ledger code - This is not a mandatory field but if you have an accountant they may want you to fill this in as it will appear on some reports.  

Location - You type in the location that the stock item is going to be sold at.

Category - As mentioned before there are three categories that you can choose from when creating a stock item.  In this example we are working with the category Stock.

Price - It is here that you set the price of the stock item.   

2. Advanced Details

Pricing Group - You can enter values to appear in the drop down via custom lists under configuration in TM3 settings.

Private only charge - Ticking this means that you can not add it under charges that get assigned to a group.  As the title says, the charge will only be available for private patients. 

Stock Level - You can enter the level of the stock item you have. 

Minimum Level -  You can run a stock report which notifies you when you need to reorder more of the stock item.  The report bases this on the minimum level set.   For example if you set your minimum level to 10, it will come up on the report to Reorder when only ten of those stock items are left.

Total Cost -  Cost of the stock item.

Total Worth - Once you put the price/cost in and the stock level, it then calculates the Total Worth.

Price - If you have a certain amount of VAT (percentage or amount) this is where you can add it in.

If you tick Display In Price List Report then it will appear in the report otherwise untick if you do not want it to appear in the report.

If you tick 
In Use then the stock item is active but you can untick this if you are not going to sell the stock item anymore.  

You can click Cancel to cancel out of the edit charge screen or Update to save your changes. 

Consultancy Item

We will now discuss the consultancy category.  This category does not contain as many fields to fill out as the physical stock record does.

The image below shows the fields that have to be populated for a consultancy charge.

In section one (Basic Details) it contains the same details as section one in a stock item record but it additionally allows you to set a colour for that item and the consultancy time.

In section two (Advanced) it contains the same details as section two in a stock item record except it does not contain the stock level details as these are not necessary.

Cancellation/DNA Item

We will now discuss the Cancellation/DNA category.  The image below shows the fields that have to be populated for a Cancellation/DNA charge.

In section one (Basic Details) it contains the same details as section one in a stock item record and in section two (Advanced) it contains the same fields in section two as a consultancy charge.