Setting up Practitioner Specialisms

Practitioner Specialisms

In cases where you have multi-disciplined staff (Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Sports Massage, Osteopathy) it’s important that these differently qualified persons are easily identifiable.  It might well be that the users in house know who people are and what they do but for use with Pronto is important that external sources (Insurance Providers) can pick out the correct provider for the desired appointment type.

Failure to complete this setup accurately can result in bookings being made incorrectly or not at all.  For example, you have not defined your Specialisms which will mean that the external booking source (Insurance Providers) cannot determine the treatments you provide and will likely provide the booking to the next closest clinic that can have their services identified.  In short, not completing this will cost you bookings.

While not all referral sources will use this information those that do will require it.  There is no negative to providing as much information as possible.

TM3 is built to handle this with the use of Specialisms. 


Open the Practitioner area from by selecting Settings, Setup, Practitioners.  The video below shows where to find the correct section.

Once in the Practitioner form select the Information section.  The section below will adjust and you can now see an Edit button, select this,  

You can now add the necessary options;

If you need to add new options to this list, the link below will explain how this is done.

TM3 Lookups

You would repeat the above steps until all of the desired Specialisms and again for each Practitioner record.

Once you have added this that’s all you need to do.  This information will automatically synchronize with the 3rd Party and they will be able to determine your Specialisms on a per Practitioner basis and therefor book the correct appointment type with the correct person