Setting up Healthcode for a Specific Business/Group

Setting up specific Businesses for Healthcode

Healthcode needs to be configured in order to work with specific groups/businesses.  To do this go to the Business section of TM3 Desktop and right click on the Business you wish to setup and select Edit Business.  Click on the Healthcode tab at the bottom of the Business record and press the Add New button to add the Healthcode details of the group.

There are two ways a Business can be set up: 

Details of whether you should be using one provider number for the whole practice or if you use practitioner specific provider numbers can be attained from Healthcode

The information that will be inserted to the Healthcode section of the Business is explained below: 

Insurer Code is unique to each customer group and is required by Healthcode.  To input a value click on the drop down list and select or type out the required value. 

Location relates to the location of the clinic that makes use of the Group. If you have different provider numbers for different locations; add each location individually.  

The Provider Number used in TM3 Desktop needs to be supplied to Healthcode.  Please note, some groups may require a practitioner specific provider number (this can be added via the Advanced tab on a practitioner record).  Healthcode will advise if this is required or if the provider number on the group is sufficient for submission.

If you have a specific Specialist Override Setting which is unique to your customer group, this value can be entered into the text box provided.  If you don't have a unique controlling specialist, you can override this value by leaving the input blank.  If this value is left blank, the Generic Controlling Specialist value will be used from the value set in the TM3 Desktop options form. 

Episode Setting is Visit should be left ticked and will be ticked by default for most groups.  In some cases, Healthcode may ask this setting to be unticked to alter the detail in the export.

Generic Provider Number for the Practice

This is a simple set up and should be repeated as such for all the Businesses you are going to bill with Healthcode.  In TM3 Desktop go to Business > Open appropriate Business record > Healthcode tab > Add New.  

From here insert the information that is appropriate information for the Business and press OK when you want to save your changes.  Provider Numbers can be Location specific, if this is the case for your practice then you will have to select a Location from the drop down list and add the Provider Number for that Location.

Practitioner Specific Provider Numbers

Practitioner specific Provider Numbers need to be set up for each individual practitioner and business in TM3 Desktop.  To access the Practitioner record click on Practitioner > Search for your Practitioner > Edit Record > Click on Advanced Tab.  

As you can see from the screenshot above there is an area in the Advanced tab for Practitioner Provider Codes.  To add a Provider Number for a selected Business select the Business from the drop down box > Insert the correct Provider Number into the Provider No. box > Click Add Provider Information. The numbers will then appear, you can remove the details by clicking on the Remove Provider Details button.  

Even if you have entered Practitioner Specific Provider Numbers you still need to add information to the Business record.  So once you have completed the steps above your Business record should look something similar to below.  The tick box for This group uses practitioner specific provider numbers will be active and there will be one Provider Number added if this covers all locations.  If there are location specific numbers there may be more additions to the record.