About a Report

Within this article, it is explained the features within running a report.

Reports Selection

Use the side navigation to open the report selection. Here you will see all the dynamic reports that can be run in TM3.

For example, the Client tracking Report, if you click on the star, this means you are making this report as a favourite and it will automatically appear at the top of the list, to run the report you must click on the report name.

Report Functions

Each report will have its own parameters and viewing options - Grid, Time, Pie - Grid is an automatically selected.

The bottom of the section allows you to click and drag certain headers to group them by this. Please Note that the only headers that can be grouped by will be underlined.

Editing Parameters

You can refine your results by date, Practitioner, Location etc. by clicking on 'Edit' you will then be given something like the screenshot below, depending on what report you have ran.

If there are too many columns on your report you can change this by clicking on 'Columns' just beside Edit which will allow you to add or take off the columns you no longer need.

Sorting Results

Using the drag and drop functionality you are able to change the sorting of the report, as you can see some headers are underlined and others aren't, this means only the ones with a line underneath them can be clicked and dragged.

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