Report Descriptions

Reports in TM3 are broken up into four sections:

1. Clients highlighted in Blue

  • Client Birthdays - Gives you a list of your patient names, their date of birth and age.
  • Client Tracking Report - Shows all of your client appointments, the appointment date, their status and the price for the charge
  • Clients Analysis - A list of your patient's information sorted by the patient's registration date from a selected date range.

2. Clinical – highlighted in Purple

  • Admissions Analysis - This report breakdowns the analysis of cases that have been admitted within a selected date range.
  • Average Treatments - A breakdown of the average number of treatments by grouping.
  • Cases Due For Review - This report informs you of the cases that are due to be reviewed.
  • Current Case Load - A report that shows all of the existing cases no matter the status.
  • Discharge Analysis - An analysis of how many cases have been discharged and when they were discharged.
  • Lapsed Clients - Patients who have cases open that need to be actioned.

3. Diary – highlighted in Teal

  • Appointment Analysis - Report to find out exactly what is going on with your appointments e.g. booked/arrived/completed etc.
  • Practitioner Availability - Breakdown of the activity set e.g. appointments, events in the diary for each practitioner compared to the hours they have worked.

4. Financehighlighted in Gold

  • Aged Debtors - This report shows you each invoice that is currently unpaid or part paid and information about the patient including their account balance
  • Charge Analysis - This report allows you to see the charges that are on each patient account.
  • Debtors by Account - A one-stop report to find out exactly what is going on with your debt per patient account.
  • Debtors on a Date - List of all the patient accounts in debt on that date.
  • Expenditure Analysis - A report showing exactly what your expenditure is going on.
  • Expenditure Month Summary - A report showing what all of your expenditure is going on per month.
  • Income Analysis - This report allows you to view all of your income and how much of it has been used.
  • Invoice Analysis - This report shows you all your invoices no matter what the status and how much of the invoice is paid off.
  • Stock Reorder - Report explains what exactly is going on with your stock - your stock levels etc.
  • Stock Sales - Report lets you know how much of what stock item is being sold.