RehabWorks and Pronto FAQ

RehabWorks and Pronto FAQ

Below are the main points to note and the FAQs of using Pronto with RehabWorks.  There are some general points on this article

How is the Pronto charge reimbursed?

There is a £1.20 charge per booking via Pronto.  This is covered by RehabWorks and is handled by increasing your current RehabWorks charge by £1.20. 

What do RehabWorks see?

RehabWorks does not see the complete Diary, for example, they cannot see when you begin, finish or take lunch during the day.  Each party has the option to use/design their own presentation of the information (availability) you provide.  Below shows an example of it from a general perspective.

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How will I know a booking has been made?

You will receive an email with the appointment details as well as the appointment being booked into your TM3 Diary in the same way a normal appointment would appear.  

A summary of all Pronto bookings can be found under the My Bookings area of Pronto Settings

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Provisional Patients

When a patient is booked into TM3 from a referral source they are marked as Provisional.  A Provisional patient needs to be "made real" before their appointments can be actioned or their details (name, address) can be viewed or adjusted.  Marking a client as Provisional allows you to have control and ensure maximum data consistency.  A Provisional Patient can either be Made Real, Merged with another record or Discarded.

To action, a Provisional Patient see the Provisional Appointments article.

Changes to an appointment

Once the appointment is booked, for the most part, the Referrer will leave administration of this (changes, cancellations) to you (the Clinic / Provider).  It is therefore possible the appointment can be changed from its original state by TM3 users.  These could be both intentional (client calls to change the time) or accidental (staff don't know its a real booking) so its important you are aware of this.  The TM3 (Web) Audit will record any changes to the appointments and the user responsible so we can track changes.

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Bookings and Cancellations Notifications

Email alerts corresponding to these events are sent to the address stored in the Pronto settings, see above for how to access this.  Emails are also sent to the Practitioner provided they have an email address within their details in TM3.

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