Referral Process

When a referral is sent to you it will appear as a New Booking under the Pronto Bookings section on TM2 / TM3 Desktop.  An email will also be sent to the email address stored under the Clinic Email within Pronto Settings.  You will notice that the Report and Invoice buttons are available to use.  This is because PhysioMed will accept the clinical and financial aspects of the booking back via Pronto also.

Fig 1 - Example of a New Booking

This somewhat new section (Pronto Bookings) will become very important for PhysioMed referrals.  In the future other parties will also have bookings handled this way, it's therefore important to get a good understanding of the Search area and the various Status options.  There may be events whereby a report/invoice is rejected and needs attention (Rejected) and so being able to find and correct these problems will ensure you get paid promptly.

Fig 2 - Referral Status Search. 

The next step would be to complete the clinical reporting form.  The details of this can be found below;

Clinical Reporting in Pronto

The invoicing is also handled via Pronto.  The full details can be found below;

Financial Reporting

Rejected / Needs Action Referrals

These will require your attention when they arise.  What to do in this situation is outlined in the article below.

Rejected Referrals and Reports