Recording Administrative Notes/Log on Client Record

You have the opportunity to add/log notes against client records.  You do this by clicking on the Logs & Notes button on the right hand side of the client record. 

When you click on this it opens a panel.  To add a log/note you click the plus button.  You can add to the log/note when you want to record an action you have done with the client.  The log also contains information about past billing, bookings etc. like below.    

When you click the plus button it will give you an option of adding a Log or a Note. Below shows you the Log screen.  

The date is automatically input to today's date but you can change it if need be.  You can choose the time of the log in this area too.  When you click on Entry it brings up a list of actions for you to choose from.  You can add these quick picks via the custom lists section in TM3 settings; under the Patient Log Quick Picks heading.

Below shows you the Note screen.  Here, you add a title and the note.  You have the opportunity to create this as an alert and you can also lock it.

If you set it to Do not lock then all users have access to the note.  If you set it To me then only you will have access to the note.  If you select To my location then only users at that location can access the note.  Lastly, if you choose To my role then the note is locked to all users with the same user level as the person who created it.

You are able to delete them by clicking on Edit and then Delete.

As well as deleting notes you can also filter them which makes it easier for you to see specific actions instead of everything.

To filter the notes you click on the little funnel icon beside the plus icon.  This then opens up the screen below.  You are able to filter by 6  different parts - Alert, Audit, Correspondence, Diary, Finance, Log and Note.  Depending on what you want to see you just switch the option on and the results are then filtered.