Pronto Bookings

Pronto Bookings can be found in the Pronto menu of TM3 and has the icon as shown below;

Once this icon has been selected a screen similar to the one shown below will appear;

My Bookings

Within the My Bookings section, you will see an overview of all the bookings that you have received via Pronto Referrals, TM2 Reception Service and your Online bookings.  These bookings are listed in order of date where the newest appointment is at the top of the list and the oldest appointment is at the bottom.  Basic details are also included such as Patient Name, the time the referral was made and time of the appointment, as well as practitioner and location details.  

Search Menu

In the Search menu on the left-hand side of the screen under Type you are able to change the subcategory of what bookings are displayed from All categories to either just referral, reception or online bookings.  This is shown in the image below;

In the Referral section, you are able to view details of the appointment when the green View button is selected as shown in the image below.  Currently, the Report and Invoice buttons are greyed out but these features will be available in the next version of Pronto which is coming soon.

The Status section in the Search Menu allows you to view appointments based on their current status in Pronto.  In the New Booking subcategory, all new appointments will be listed whether they are a referral, online or reception booking.  However, all of the other subcategories are for Referral bookings only.

In the Search Menu, you are also able to filter the bookings based on a Practitioner or Patient search.

You can read about Pronto Settings here