Pre Paid Items and upfront payments

The steps below will show you how to accept a payment for a package and add prepaid items to an account;

Step 1
  • Create a new stock item for your location.
  • Give a reference such as multi/package
  • Description: the name of the package deal

Step 2
  • The next step is to bill the patient with this stock item.
  • Open the patient record and click ‘Add New’ under the accounts screen.

  • Search for the new stock item and select 'Invoice and pay later'.

Step 3
  • Under the Account tab
  • Click on ‘pre paid items’  
  • Select the location and the appointment type that you wish to add.

  • TM3 sees prepaid items as free appointments and there is no link to the existing charge. 

Step 4
  • Book the appointment and the prepaid item will automatically appear.