Pay-As-You-Go Appointments and Classes FAQ

  •  What is the difference between a Full Time Practitioner and a Pay-As-You-Go practitioner? 
    • Full Time practitioner can avail of unlimited appointments in the diary at no extra cost. It is all covered by
      Full Time Practitioner subscription. 
    • A pay as you go practitioner doesn’t require an additional subscription, but you will be billed for each appointment in their diary. 
  • How does TM3 work out my Pay-As-You-Go bill? 
    • TM3 will count at the end of each day, the number of appointments delivered for each Pay-As-You-Go practitioner that day (including appointments marked are booked, arrived and completed, but excluding cancellations and DNA appointments), and the number of class sessions in the diary for that day, and will total this up for your next invoice.  
  • What about cancellations and DNA’s? 
    • Cancellations and DNA’s will not count toward your appointment total. They must be appropriately actioned in TM3 in advance of, or at the point when the appointment was due to take place. If an appointment is marked as canceled or DNA in TM3 after the end of the day it was due to take place, it will still count towards your total. 
  • What happens if I increase my subscription and change a practitioner to Full Time? 
    • Any appointments up to the day where you change the practitioner to Full Time will still be billed for, and any appointments on or after the day you change the practitioner to Full Time will be included in their subscription and not billed for. 
  • What happens if I decrease my subscription and change a practitioner from Full Time to Pay-As-You-Go? 
    • Any appointments up to the day when you change your practitioner to Pay-As-You-Go will be included in their subscription and not billed for, and any appointments on or after the day you change the practitioner to Pay-As-You-Go will be billed for. 
  • What about Classes? 
    • Classes are charged per session in the diary, regardless if the practitioner has as Pay-As-You-Go or Full Time subscription.
  •  Can all my practitioners be Pay-As-You-Go? 
    • No, you need to have at least 1 Full Time Practitioner subscription as a base for TM3, however after that you can have as many Pay-As-You-Go practitioners as you wish 
  • Can I keep an eye on my Pay-As-You-Go usage? 
    • Yes, within TM3 you can view a utilisation report in the ‘My Account’ Section which will help you keep an eye on what is being billed for Pay-As-You-Go services.

  • ​​How do I adjust my Full Time Subscription/Pay-As-You-Go Practitioners? 
    • Firstly, you will need to contact your account manager on who will adjust your subscription accordingly. 
    • Then update the practitioner records within TM3 to the appropriate setting 

  • Please note that if you don’t do both these steps, it may result in you being over billed, so it’s important to do both