Making sessions available for a RehabWorks referral

Making sessions available for a RehabWorks referral

RehabWorks can only book into your available sessions within TM3.  These sessions need to be set up for each practitioner and the sessions also need to be available online.

Creating sessions in TM3

If you don't have any sessions added to your TM3 we need to create them.  The sessions you set up show RehabWorks what hours you are available and when they can book into your diary.  To add sessions go to Diary > Select appropriate practitioner > Menu > Edit Working Times

Once in this mode, a menu will appear at the bottom of the diary titled Diary Edit Practitioner Working Times Mode.  Once in this mode; you can either click and drag on the slots you want to add working times for or click on a slot and then edit the times from the menu that appears.  

The main points here are to select the appropriate time, schedule i.e. the How Often and How Many options and the most important option is to tick the Available for online bookings tick box.  The below screenshot will add a session every Tuesday at 1000-1200 for a year.  

Pronto allows you to be in full control of your diary.  This means you don't need to open up a full day to be available for a referral to be booked in.  This can be done by adding small batches of sessions to your diary. The below image shows a batch of sessions in the morning from 1000-1200; these sessions have been made available for a referral by ticking the Available for online bookings button.  The 1200-1400 sessions are not available for a referral as the Available for online bookings button was not ticked here.

Editing current sessions

If you already have sessions but want to change the times or make them available for a referral; go to Diary > Select appropriate practitioner > Menu > Edit Working Times.  

Click Edit to change the time of the session if needed.  If you want to make the session available for a referrer click the Available for online bookings button.  

You can apply these changes to all working times by clicking the Apply to ALL subsequent working times. 

The changes can also be made to only one by clicking the Apply to this working time only option.