Locking Images

When an image has been added to TM3 you can make changes to the image.  Once you are happy with your changes and any additional comments that have been added you can then Lock the image.  This will ensure that no further changes can be made to the image in TM3.  To Lock an image open the image from the consultation and click the Lock button.  

When Lock is clicked the image below will appear.  Click Yes to Lock the image or No to allow more changes to the image.  Once an image has been Locked you cannot make any further changes.

When an image is Locked a padlock symbol will appear on the image like below.  There is an option to add Post Close Notes.  

To do this click the Post Close Notes option.  There will be a free text field where you can add some additional notes onto the image.  When these are added by clicking the Add button; they will be dated and what user has added the notes.