Invoice Search Screen

The invoice search screen will allow you to search through all invoices within TM3 by using a variety of parameters.

Firstly you need to the navigate to the Finances section which you can see above is highlighted in red on the left hand side of the image.  When at the screen you will see a list of all the invoices that have been generated within in TM3.  At the top of the page you will see there is a Search Invoices and an Advanced Search these can be both used to identify any specific or groups of invoices.

The Search Invoices will allow you to type in a name or specific term to try to find. The example below shows a search for BUPA, I would like to see all invoices that are related to BUPA. This will show me every invoice in TM3, regardless of reconciliation status, date, location etc

However if I wanted to do a specific search for Unpaid invoices between 1st January - 3rd August I can do this through the Advanced Search

Once you are happy with your selections are complete, click Search and the results will appear.