Individual Location Screen in Detail

Below shows the location screen.  The fields highlighted in orange are mandatory.  It is important that all the fields are filled out correctly as this information will be displayed if location merge fields are used. Invoices will also be addressed to the location. 

It is split into two areas:

1. Location Details:

  • These are pretty self explanatory fields - Location Name, Address, Address 2, City, Country, Post code, Telephone, Fax, Email, Website.

2. Locations Directions & Charges.

  • Within this section you can set directions for your clinic.  This field is useful as you can pull this information through when creating letter templates as it is a merge field.  
  • You then set your cancellation and DNA charges.
  •  Below this, you select the custom reminder templates you wish to use.
  • There are three different options to select under status: 
    1. Active - Clinic is live eg can book appointments etc
    2. Active view only - Clinic is read only eg Can view appointments but cannot book in.
    3. Inactive Hidden - The clinic is no longer in use.