How to View Client Appointments

To view a clients appointments you should go to their record and click on the Appointments section

When you click on the Appointments section it brings up an overview of them broken up into five columns.

The first column shows the date and time of the appointment and also the status of the appointment.  The status of appointments can be Booked, Arrived, Completed, Cancelled or DNA.  Each status also has their own colour.

The second column shows which practitioner the appointment was/is with and the location of the appointment.

The third column displays if there is an Auth Code associated with the appointment.  This is mostly used when insurance companies pay for the clients treatment.

The fourth column shows the date and time that the appointment was booked.

Lastly, the fifth column allows you to click View to see the appointment in the diary.  The below image shows an example of what you would see if you click View.