How to Transfer an Invoice to a Client's Business/Group

To transfer an invoice from a patient to their Group, first search for the patient. When you are in their record you will see the account tab when you select this, you will then see a list of their private invoices. You can then click to view the invoice you want to transfer.

When in the invoice you will see the More Actions button. When you click this a drop down will appear and you will see the options for Change To Business and Transfer to Business

  • Change To Business will transfer the whole of the invoice to the business, but any payments that have been made against the invoice will remain in the client's account.
  • Transfer to Business will also allow you to transfer the whole of the invoice but will also give you the option to transfer part, or the remaining amount.

You can also choose to create an Invoice within the Group account, simply by checking the Create Invoice Now checkbox.

Once you are happy, simply click the Transfer button. A new pop up window will appear where you can view the invoice in the business account or go back to the client invoice.

Within the business invoice, you will see that it has now been created showing the transferred amount shown in the image below.

Within the patient invoice, you will see that it has now been updated to show it's been transferred, as shown below.