How to Record Goals

On the right hand side of a case there is an area where you can 'Add Goal.'  This is highlighted in the image below.  

The below image shows the Available Goals and these are set up under Scores & Goals in case settings.  See this article for more information.  Unlike when you add a score, you are able to free type a goal if it does not appear in the list.

For this example I have clicked on the 'Put clothes on more easily?' goal.  It brings up the image below.

You enter your value by clicking on the blue box under Percentage.  This then brings up the number tab where you set your value. For this example I set the value to 10.

Once you close out of the Add Goal screen it appears on the case like the image below.

You are able to toggle between different views by clicking the button that is highlighted in the image below.  You can see that instead of showing a pie chart it now shows the results in a graph.