How to Record First Consultataion/Admission

Note: This article will be working from the standard First Consultation template, you may create your own so it will be a different layout to the standard template.  

When a completely new case is opened in TM3 the First Consultation/Admission option will be available automatically.  If it is a patient's first appointment you can open the appointment and click Go To Case to create a new case.  

When you complete this action the screen below will appear.  This section tells us some patient details like name, date of birth, who is funding the treatment.  It will also show us that it is the First Consultation of this case and TM3 will bring the appointment time and date, along with the practitioner information.

From here you can fill in the lookups and text fields with the relevant information.  The system will auto save the information every 30 seconds but when you are finished inserting the information you can click the Save option to take the consultation out of an editing state.

Information about the top half of a case can be found here.