How to Record a Temporary Auth Code

If a patient does not know their authorisation code or has forgotten it then you are able to put in a placeholder and add the correct one the next time they are in.  You can add an alert to the patient record so you are reminded that you need to add the correct authorisation code.

The image below shows that an appointment is being booked for patient Emma who is an Ormeau Phy patient.  The appointment screen is highlighting that the appointment requires an auth code.

To add the auth code via the appointment screen click Add new Treatment Authorisation.  This brings up the screen below.  For this example, our patient Emma has forgotten to bring her auth code.  Therefore we need to add a temporary auth code.  We can put the letter T in the code field.  This stands for temp however you can enter whatever you would like.

Once we have created the auth code we can see it appears on the appointment screen:

When our patient comes in for her appointment we can click View to go to her record.

We then click on the Treatment Authorisations section.

This then displays the patients treatment authorisations.  We can see our temp code.  To update this with the correct details we click Edit.

This opens up the Edit Treatment Authorisation screen where you should update the details.

It is best for you to update the temp auth code rather than delete it and add a new one.