How to Reconcile Payment with Outstanding Invoices

To reconcile a payment against outstanding invoices, you will first need to add the payment to the Client's account. To do this, first search for the client and click to view their record. Whilst in their record there is a More Actions button. Click on this and a new list will populate, where you will see the option to Add Payment.

When You click to add a payment a new window will appear where you can add the different details of the payment including choosing the method of payment, whether it be cash, card, bank transfer etc. You can also complete the amount for the payment, and you may want to complete other details such as a reference for the payment, or choosing whether to print or email a receipt. Once you have the relevant fields filled out click Add.

A new screen will then populate where you can see all the details of the payment and you will see that its current status is Unreconciled. Just below this, to the right of the screen, you will also see a Change Reconciliations. Click this to populate a list of unreconciled invoices that belong to that client. Just like the image below.

Just to the right of the list you will see each of the invoices have an Amount to Reconcile field. Here you choose how much of the payment to apply against the invoice. If you click Auto, TM3 will apply the full amount needed to pay the invoice, or get as close as possible. You can also fill out the amount manually. Clicking Reset, will clear any reconciliation amount and set the invoice back to be unreconciled. 

After you have completed the amount to reconcile field you will see that the status of the invoice, changes accordingly.