How to Pin TM3 Web Login to your desktop

To add the web login to your desktop simply go to your web browsers 'Settings/Customise' button.  As we recommend to use Google Chrome with TM3 the instructions below will show how to do this via Google Chrome.

Once you click on the settings icon it brings up a list of options.  You should click on More Tools > Create Shortcut.

Once you click 'Create shortcut...' it brings up the screen below.  You are able to change what you want the icon to say on your desktop by deleting the 'TM3 > Login' which automatically populates and then type in what you want it to be called.  

You have the option to 'Open as window'.  If you tick this it means the web page will launch in a window where you are unable to navigate to any other webpage.  
After you have made your changes click Add.

The icon will now appear on your desktop with the name you typed in as shown in the image below.  You simply double-click on this to launch your TM3.