How to Edit Existing Template (Clone)

When viewing different templates on the Clinical Templates section of TM3, there are a number of options available for each template.  These are View, Edit, Clone and Remove.  The article will advise you on what the Edit, Clone and Remove options do.   

There are other options of Make Default, Make First and Make Follow Up.  These actions have been explained in the Clinical Templates Type article.


The Edit option in Clinical Templates will allow you to change a template.  Edit is only available for templates that have not been used on a consultation yet.

Clicking Edit will bring you to the Template Editor screen.  From here you can choose from the options on the left hand side to add to your existing template.  Clicking Save in the top right will save your changes.  


The Clone option in clinical templates will allow you to duplicate a template that is currently in use,  This will allow you to add or remove information to the template.  

When Clone is selected TM3 will rename the template to Clone of... and add the original template name; as you can see I have added BMI and another Yes/No option to the template.  You can then rename the template and description if necessary and click Save to save your changes.  


The Remove option will only be available for templates that have not been used in TM3 yet.  To remove and delete a template click the red Remove option.  When you do this you will be asked if you want to remove the template completely.