How to Delete Templates

Please note that any previous TM2 templates are not directly compatible with TM3 Web.

You can delete a template for Appointments, Businesses, Case, Contacts, Invoices, Clients, Payments, and Practitioners. To do this, first go to settings and then select templates which is highlighted in the image below:

This will show a list of the different template sections.

To delete a template select the section you wish to remove template from. This will expand to show you all the different templates that have been created under the selected section.

After you choose the template you wish to remove, click on it and select Delete which is highlighted in the image below.

When you select Delete you will be prompt with a confirm delete like the image below.

When you click on Yes the template will now be removed. 

Please ensure you are deleting the correct template as you will not be able to retrieve the template back.

You may notice some templates will have Hide instead of Delete this is because these templates are automatically created with every template. With the templates that have this option, you won't be able to actually delete them as they are part of the system.