How to create a new TM3 User

To create a new User in TM3 web select the Settings icon in the top right area of the interface.

Next select the Setup dropdown, choosing Users.

This then brings you to the user dashboard.  This shows a list of all your current users.   The image below shows an example of a user dashboard.  The user email addresses have been highlighted out in this image.

To add a new user you simply click on the blue Add button on the top right of the user dashboard.  This opens up the record where the details should be filled out.  You can see this in the image below.  The user record is explained further via this article.

Once you fill this out you click Create.  This then sends an email to the user for them to verify their email address before they can sign in to the web application.  The email looks like the one below.

Once you click on the link to verify, it brings you to the following screen.  It is here that you enter a password and can then log in to TM3.