How to Create your own Report

How to create your own report

You can now customise your report selections so that the previous customisations are saved. 

In the example below the default Income Analysis will be customised to group by location for the day. 

This way the report will run an end of day reconciliation for each location. 

Below is a step by step guide on how this is done;

Step 1: Opening the report

Open up the reports section within TM3.

When they appear chose the report you are wanting to change, for example,

we are going to choose the 'Income Analysis'

Step 2: Changing the section to group by

At the top of the report, you will see  'Change the order of your columns by dropping them in here' 

Click and drag an underlined columned name from the report. In this case, we will be grouping by location. 

This will then group the report by location allowing the user to tally the total of all the payments per location. 

Step 3: Narrowing results 

Each report will show the last 30 days as default.

To change this date range and to add further restrictions to the report click on 'Edit' 

In this instance, we will be changing the date range to 'today' 

Step 4: Display the appropriate columns 

You can remove and add the default columns. 

The list is limited to the drop down list but it will help you customise your report further.  

Step 5: Create Report

Once you have the report the way you want it. Click on CREATE REPORT at the top of the report.

This will save the reports current state allowing it to be re-run at another time. 

When creating a report you will need to give it a name and description. 

In this case, we will call the report 'End Of Day' 

A visual of how the report name and description display are shown below. 

Step 6: Finding your saved report 

Under the reports section, you will see a tab named My Clinic Reports

Here you will see the report created earlier, in this case, End of Day

When you run this report you will see that all the previous information has been saved including columns, grouping by selection and the date range. 

To re-run the report for today, click the edit button and then apply.