How to Book An Appointment From A Client Record

As discussed in the article called Client record in detail you can book an appointment from within the Client record.

To do this, click on Book which is located on the Appointments tab within their record.

Once you do this it will bring you to the diary screen in ‘Diary click-to-book mode.’  A black box will pop up on screen notifying you of this mode. 

It will automatically bring you to the diary of the practitioner who the client is linked to within their record.

As you can see from the images below it has brought us to practitioner Caitlin Snow who is linked to our client Barry Allen.  You can see where to set this via this article.

When booking an appointment via Diary click-to-book mode it brings us to todays date however you can change this by selecting a different date from calendar in the top left of the screen.  Once you have chosen your date you click on a time and it brings up the booking summary for you to confirm details of the appointment.  Click book to book the appointment in the diary.