How to Add New Client

You add a new client from within the Contacts section of TM3 Web.

On the right-hand side of the contacts page, there is a blue Add New button.  When you click on this it gives you three options:

  • Add Client
  • Add Business
  • Add Contact

We want to click on the Add Client option.  When we do this, it opens up a new screen and this is where we enter the client details.  The New Client screen is broken up into three sections.

  • Client details:
    Within this section, we fill out the details that are shown in the screenshot below.  The fields underlined in orange represent that these are mandatory fields.  You can see that there are star symbols beside each contact number.  The purpose of this is for you to press the star beside their preferred contact number.  This is then highlighted within their record.

  • Additional Details:
    Within this section, you can fill out the fields that are shown in the image below.   None of these fields are mandatory. 

  • Billing details:
    It is within this section that we set up if the client is a self-paying patient or if an insurance company pays for their treatments.  You can see this option along with other fields you can fill out in the image below.

  • Consent details:
    When a new client is being set up in order to send communication to them, consent must be given from them in order for this to happen. Please Note a client does not have to give consent.

You are able to customise certain fields within a client record to suit your needs.
You do this by going to the settings cogwheel and then configuration from the menu.

This will then bring you to a webpage and you should scroll down until you see Label Customisation as shown in the screenshot below.

You can see that you are able to change the Address, Address2, Town, County and Post Code field within address details.

You are also able to change Alt Reference, Employer, Hospital Code, NI Number, Policy Code within the patient information.

In my example I have changed Town to say City and Policy Code to say Policy No.  Once you click Save these fields have been updated in the client record as you can see in the screenshot below.