How to add an alert

If a client has come in and paid sessions upfront or if there is some information they have told you that everyone needs to be aware off, then the best way to do this is to add an alert onto their profile so that the staff can see this.

To do this, access the client's profile and you will see a grey box just below their information that states 'No Alerts' if you click this you will then get a pop up to add in your alert.

When you click on the alerts box you will then be prompt to create your alert by writing in the title of the alert and if there are any notes for it.

  • The next section of the alert is when it starts if there is a certain date the alert will take place  then ensure you click 'On Date' and select the correct date otherwise just leave the alert at 'Now'
  • The same applies to Expires, if there is an end date for the alert then click 'On Date' and select the end date otherwise just keep the alert at 'Never' - You can go back at a later date and delete the alert.
  • If you want everyone in the system to see the alert then you can leave the 'For' section the default way, otherwise unless the alert is just for you or another user then select the appropriate answer.
  • If you want to ensure everyone will see the alert then tick the box 'User must acknowledge this alert each time the record is accessed', this means that the user cannot take any other action until the acknowledgment has taken place on the alert. You can see in the second image below what it will look like when you click on the client's profile.
  • The last section on the alert is if you are wanting to create a task for this patient, this will then create a notification on your home screen. 

When it comes the day that you no longer need the alert to be on the profile then all you need to do is click on the alert box on their profile and select on edit and you will then see the option to delete the alert.