Full List of Diary General Settings

Within TM3 there are a number of different settings for your diary. These are under 3 different sections; 

  1. First Day of Week - This option allows you to set the first day of the week on your calendar. You can select what day you want your diary to begin on by clicking on the drop down list and selecting the day in there
  2. Use Auth Codes - When creating an appointment in the diary there will be a drop down menu to add an Authorisation code along with the options to Add New Treatment Authorisation and View Authorisation History. If you do not want this to appear when booking in an appointment you can toggle this off
  3. Default Sessions to be Online - If this is toggled on Default Practitioner sessions will be available online
  4. Show Today Line - This will show a red line on the diary showing the current day and time. If you do not want this to appear on the diary you can toggle it off
  5. Use appointment charge for cancellations - If a patient cancels their appointment they will be charged for it under the charge of the appointment
  6. Show 'What do you want to do next?' after Quick Bill - When you complete an appointment and use Quick Bill it will open another pop up with "What do you want to do next?" which will include options like book nex appointment or send a discharge letter. This can be toggled on or off.
  7. Make room selection mandatory for appointments - If this is toggled on it will make the user select a room  when booking an appointment on the diary

Working Days

In here you can set the days that are displayed on your diary. For example, if you work Saturdays and don't work Mondays you can unselect Monday and select Saturday and only these selected days will appear on your diary.

Holiday Dates

If you wish to set aside an entire day in the diary as a holiday you can do this on holiday dates by selecting 'Add Holiday Date.' This will bring up a pop up asking you to enter a date. It will also allow you to enter a date via a calendar.