Full List of Configuration Settings

The configuration tab in TM3 allows you to customise areas like labels and lists, you can add in, remove and change some completely.


The first set of options available here  location related. You will see the top item here is about your region, I am currently set to United Kingdom, however clicking on the drop down list will give you more. The other options available are Australia, Eurozone, Canada and Gcc.

Logged in location will apply if your clinic has more than one location. This will allow the users to change where they are logged in at, so for example if in the morning they logged in and where at 'Belfast Clinic' however through the day they need to access 'London Clinic'.  Toggling to green here will activate.  

There is an option to automatically enable SMS by default for all new patients, you can add length of time to auto logout users when they are inactive (listed in minutes) and enforce new passwords to be recreated after a length of time. When you select the latter, it will allow you to put in a time frame in months. The last option here is to Clear locks. 

Custom Lists

Within this section you can select from an extensive drop down list, which list from TM3 that you will like to edit.

I have chosen to edit Payment types and to add in 'Paypal',  once the section is selected the below screen will appear to allow you to add and remove current items from the list. Once you have typed in the new item, click on 'Add to List', if you would like to remove a current item, click on the 'Remove' button

Label Customisation

Some of the labels within the Patient Record can be edited so that you can record other specific data that you need. Below you will see examples, like Hospital Code and NI Number, these can be edited to have different titles. Some clients have chosen to change these to things like Enquiry Source or Occupation.