You will have the ability to change how forms interact with your TM3 system, and also create, edit and delete new forms and  from this section.

Under configuration  you have the options to automatically send a form to a patient when they register to get more details from them if necessary. Under that is where you select the default template that is used when the patient is created. The same goes for the clinical side of things, you can automatically send a clinical discharge form to get details from the patient of how they felt about their outcome. 

Below you have the ability to edit the templates you would be sending to patients. Registration forms are saved under the patient record in their forms section and can be issued to the patient from there. Clinical forms are dispatched through the patient's clinical case under the 'More' section on the far right of the clinical case. 

From here you can create new templates, edit existing forms or remove unused templates. The template editor gives you the ability to ask questions to the patient and get direct feedback from them with dynamic forms. Features like multi options, agreeing to consent and applying a signature to the patients record are all included. Anything that is added to a form can be mapped with a field on the patient's record and when the form is submitted by the patient TM3 will automatically update the chosen fields when accepted by you. 

Once you have created the form it will be saved either in the patient record under 'Forms' or under the patient's case, depending on the type of form you have created. Please follow this article for further information about sending patient's forms and what to expect can be found here.