Finances Overview

The Finances section encompasses 3 sections that were previously split in TM2 app. These sections are Invoices, Payments, and Expenditure.

This overview of Finances will bring you through the following:


Invoices contain 3 sub tabs and 1 export feature:

  • Charges: Known in TM2 App as billing items. From here you can view and edit charges.
  • For more information on what a charge is, please refer to the video and guide located here.
  • Invoices: Lists all Invoices.  From here you can view and edit invoices such as additional charges, accept payments, apply discounts, remove charges and delete charges etc...
  • Invoice Wizard: Shows all the charges that haven't been invoiced yet, allowing you to select them to create an invoice.
  • Accounts Export:  Exports Payments or charges into CSV format.

By clicking 

just to the right of 'Location'.

When the invoice loads the image below is what you will see.

Within the Invoice you are able to do the following;

  • Print - Prints the invoice
  • View Business/Client - allows you to view the account of whos paying the invoice
  • Edit - allows you to change the reference number, the invoice date, and invoice due date, and also adding in notes on the invoice.
  • View / Remove - Allows you to view or remove the payment that is on the invoice.
  • Add new charge / Add existing charge (#) - If another charge needs to be placed on the invoice or a charge from before then you would select one of the following options.
  • More Actions - Allows you to send communication to the person who it is being billed to, also allows you to add the discount, write off the invoice etc.
  • Add new payment / Add existing payment (#) - If the company or patient has money on their account or they are looking to add some on, these two buttons are the way of doing so.

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Invoice Wizard

The invoice wizard screen by default will list all un-invoiced charges by default.  From here you can specify which charges you wish to generate into invoices

Within the Invoice Wizard you are able to do the following;

  • Filter by Business or Self Pay
  • Filter by Invoice Period
  • Select Charges for Invoice Wizard
  • Generate Invoices when chosen the selected

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Accounts Export

Invoices also contain the option to do an Accounts Export. From this option, you can export Charges and Payments into a CSV format.

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Payments screen is when a patient has added money onto their account, within this you can view, edit, refund and delete the payments.

You can also see which patients payments have been Reconciled, Part-Reconciled, and Unreconciled.

If you click on 'view' the below image is what you would see, at the top, you can see that this payment is already Reconciled, but you can change this in the future if there was a mistake made.

Within payments you are able to do the following;

  • View the patient record
  • Print a payment receipt and more for sending SMS, Email, and Letters
  • Allows refunds or delete function
  • Edit the Payment to add notes, change the payment method or amount
  • List of Invoices the payment has been reconciled against
  • Change reconciliations against invoices

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Within the Expenditure, this is anything that is going out of the company like for example, rent, you would have this set to come out each month.

From here, you can Create, View and edit expenses.

If you are looking to add an expenditure onto the list when you click on 'Add Expenditure' the image below is what you will see to fill out.

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