Enable Practitioners and their Sessions

Setting up Practitioner sessions

By Default, when the Pronto Order is completed, we will enable all Practitioners and Sessions to be available online.  For most clinics offering all appointments is the best way to get bookings. You can limit the Practitioners that appear for specific referrers later in the setup.

This will not apply should you sign up for an additional source of bookings, so if you have had a Pronto setup completed previously you likely will need to adjust some of these settings.

If you want the Pronto availability to match that of your TM3 Diary we (The Pronto Team) can apply this for you quicker and easier than you may be able to. 

Sessions for Referrers match TM2/TM3 Diary

This is the most straight forward setup as there is a very high chance you already have your sessions specified.  This article will not go into that process so if you are new to TM3 please see the Setup and User Guide.

Open the Practitioner area from by selecting Settings, Setup, Practitioners.  The video below shows where to find the correct section.

Find the desired record and select View on the right.  

Simply select the Online check box to enable the Practitioner.  You must now also enable some Sessions / Working Hours.

Session Times

While on a Practitioner record, select Actions and select Edit Working Times

Select the session / working hours you would like to adjust.  You will see a screen like the one below.  Expand the More Options section and ensure that Avilable for online bookings is checked

Select the appropriate option Apply to ALL subsequent working times or Apply to this working time only depending on your requirements.  Apply to ALL will be the most common.

Repeat this for each of the desired sessions.