Diary Event Form

As well as adding appointments to the diary you are able to add a Meeting, Holiday or Other.

To do this, click on a time/area in the diary and then choose the second tab Event.  This will bring you to the screen below.

It pulls through the details of the area I have clicked on in the diary.  I.e, looking at the image below we can tell that I have clicked on the time 13.45pm on Thursday 22 September  in Miss Hannah Taggarts diary at Whiteabbey Clinic.

I am able to set how many times I want this event to appear in the diary by clicking on Recurrence Options.  You can see in the image below the options we can choose from.  We then set how many times we want this to occur.

If I want to change the date or time I click on Edit.

Clicking on edit brings me to the screen below.  I have changed the time to be 13.00 – 13.30 and I have titled the event as Lunch.  You can also see I have set the recurrence options for this event to happen every day for the next 30 days.

Lastly, we can set the colour that we want this to appear as in the diary.  You change the colour by clicking on the white box which is situated to the left of the date.  When you click this, a colour window pops up as shown in the below image.

After we have filled out all the details we choose whether we want to book this in as a Meeting a Holiday or an Other.  For this example, I have chosen ‘Other’ as I am putting in a lunch break.

Once we choose Other it takes us to the event in the diary and we are able to see this appears for the next 30 days as set in our recurrence options.

You can add a meeting and a holiday exactly the same way as above except you click Meeting or Holiday.