Diary Appointment Icons

There are a few icons that you will notice appearing on your appointments in the diary these relate to varying things, ie appointment reminders, alerts and so on. Below I have listed out each of these.

 To the right is 'my first appointment' here you will see there are a few symbols on the appointment tab.


  Green bulb is to let you know that this appointment is in a 'Booked' state. 

  Money icon means this patient is set to invoice immediately and so will need to pay for their treatment at the end of the appointment.

  Email and Text Icon overlapping means that both an SMS and Email Reminder have been sent for this appointment.

 The red Triangle means that this appointment has an alert attached to it

 The appointment on the left  you will see that the text is in red, this means that I have an outstanding invoice on my account.

 A Blue tick means that this appointment has been completed byt the practitioner.

 The email symbol shows that only an email reminder has been sent.

 Mobile phone is to notify that only an SMS reminder has been sent.

When an appointment is set to 'Arrived' is will appear black with an orange circle.
A yellow triangle to the left of the appointment time indicates that  this patient Did Not Attend(DNA)
When a Red 'X' appears at the left side of the appointment time this means the appointment has been canceled.