Cookies Blocking Your Webpage?

If you're trying to access your instance via web browser but the web page is not loading, it is possible that your browsers [Privacy settings] have been set to block cookies (Locally Saved Website Data).

TM3 requires that your browser allows cookies to be saved.

When cookies are being blocked by your browser, this is denoted by the following icon.

Steps On How to Allow Cookies

You can use the following steps to resolve this:

Step 1: Click on the Cookies icon,

Step 2: Select option Always allow https://[YourSite] to set cookies and click [Finished]

Step 3: Click Reload or [F5]

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Unable to Enable 'Allow Cookies'

The following may be scenarios that prevent you from accessing TM3 if the network or computer that you're attempting to access TM3 on is managed by an IT company.

User Permission - If the computer you're using is managed by an IT Team, User permission and safe browsing limitations may prevent you from accessing TM3. If you do not have the necessary permissions to make the changes above, please contact your IT Team.

Blocked by Security - If your computer has a 3rd party Anti-virus installed. Anti-virus software can come with built-in web browser protection protocols known as 'Safe Browsing'. If the anti-virus safe browsing is blocking access to TM3. 'Exclusions' will need to be added to [YourSite] If you're unable to add in these exclusions please contact your IT Team to make the necessary.