Contact Record in Detail

In order to view a contact record, first Search for the Contact and then click on view. You will then be presented with that Contact's record, which will look similar to the below image. 

Making the Contact Inactive/Active

Beside the Contacts name, you will see the status of this Contact is Current. If you no longer need/use this contact you can set them to Non-Current, and they will no longer appear in the search results. To do this you first need to Click on Edit. You will then see the window below, where you first need to uncheck the In Use box and then click Update.

To make a contact Active again, follow the same steps, but make sure to re-check the In Use box and select Update.

View Clients

You can view the clients linked to a contact by clicking on the clients tab. This will populate a list of all clients linked to the contact.

View and Add Documents

To view document history or add a new document, first click on the documents tab

You will then be able to attach new documents, by either clicking on or dragging files into the area. You will also see the existing documents, you have uploaded, and can View, Rename and Delete them.