Configure your Appointment and Class Reminder Templates

Patients will receive the link to their video consultation in their appointment and class communications, so it's important to ensure you add the video link merge field to the relevant templates.

Customise Link Text

  • The video link will be prefixed with a line of text, by default this will read, 'The Video Link is',  however you can change this text to something more appropriate.
  • Navigate to Settings>Communication and look for the option 'Video Link Text'

  • Change the text to whatever you wish the actual link to be prefixed with

Customise Templates

  • There are a number of templates that you may wish to add the video link merge field to, to ensure that patients receive the link for their video consultation or class.
    • Appointment Booking Confirmation Email
    • Appointment Booking Confirmation SMS
    • Appointment Reminder Email
    • Appointment Reminder SMS
    • Class Reminder Email
    • Class Reminder SMS
  • Simply place the 'Video Link' merge field from the 'Appointment' section on the right hand side into the body of your email or SMS template

  • You don't need to add the video link to the Class Digest as it will automatically be included
  • The 'Video Link Text' will automatically be added
  • If using the 'Other Provider' telehealth option you may also need to include the Video Code merge field to include the password in the communications