Accounts Export

TM3 can help to streamline the majority of your accounting processes, but please note - it is not set up to replace any accounting package (or accountant!) you may have.

It is designed to produce sales and income figures, which can then be transferred to whatever accounting package you have in place.

In order to perform an accounts export, first click on the finances icon on the menu. Once loaded you will see the Accounts Export option as shown below.


Once you have selected the account export you will then be presented with a new window where you can choose the relevant details for you export as shown below.

  • Charges Export  - exports the totals per ledger code, of invoiced billing items.
  • Payments Export  - exports the totals of payments received grouped by Type (cash/cheque/card), and then lodgement reference for cash and cheque payments.

Once you have selected what you would like to export and the appropriate date range, you can then select Preview to make sure all the information has been recorded accurately. It will look similar to the screenshot below.

If you are happy, you can then select Export. This saves the information into spreadsheet files, which you can then use to add the information into your Accountancy Package or send to your accountant.

Please be aware that when you export sales or income figures, all billing items and payments in TM3 included in the date range will be locked and therefore cannot be deleted or edited.

Once you select Export, the a new screen will appear where you can download the relevant csv spreadsheets, before selecting Finish.